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Creating a Culture of Health and Wellness

PO Box 1580 Shelton, WA 98584


  • 09/20/2017 12:00 PM

Coming soon, a calendar with meetings and events that contribute to the health and wellness of all Mason County residents. Let us know about your events, meetings, and activities that are making a difference. We want to assist you in getting the word out about the great things going on in Mason County.

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Priority Areas

#1 Healthy Living

Access to and knowledge around healthy food choices, promotion of small farms and integration of local foods into school systems and institutions. Includes gardening for food and increased physical activity. This priority area include access to no or low cost physical activity options.

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#2 Behavioral Health - Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Access to treatment options and support.

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#3 Access to Health Care

Description of what is being done to provide access for everyone.

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#4 Empowered Families

Resources and support for families to enable them to raise well adjusted, healthy children.

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#5 Trained and Educated Workforce

Supporting efforts designed to increase high school graduation rates and develop learning academies for exploration of career paths.

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#6 Healthy Environment

Water quality is important to everyone, but Mason County's aquaculture business relies on clean water to conduct business.

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#7 Housing

Access to affordable safe housing.

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